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Havaianas is a Brazilian brand of flip-flop sandals created and patented in 1962. It is currently owned by Brazilian manufacturing company Alpargatas S.A.. Inspired by Japanese zori sandals, Robert Fraser became the first to mass-produce flip-flops out of rubber. The name Havaianas is derived from the feminine form of the Portuguese word for "Hawaiians", and the pattern on the soles of the sandals


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Martin says

"Wrong size sent, tried to return item but obviously there is no such way to do it. Bunch of w**a**nkers"

Donna Oram says

"DO NOT BUY FROM THE HAVAIANAS SITE - I bought a pair of sunglasses for my husband last christmas, when he wore them in March on holiday they snapped over the bridge of the nose. Contacted Havaianas they said i had to deal with their maker Safilo who make sunglasses for lots of big brands. Safilo said i had to return to them and pay for the privilege! returned on 4th May 2020 and i have heard nothing since. lots of emails sent to both companies. i even contacted CAB who told me to send Havaianas a recorded delivery letter asking for a refund - nothing! Havaianas contacted me saying they would let me have another pair of glasses for the same price, they dont do any glasses that price anymore, then they emailed again asking what glasses i want so just ordered a pair. they arrived and are so bent that they cant be worn. Here we go again!! Havaians said contact Safilo, contacted Safilo no reply, told Havaianas i am just going to send them back and they can give me my money back. Havaianas have just said no because the original product wasnt faulty!! not sure what to do next to be honest, thought this rant might make me feel better but has made me more determined to get my £35.30 back. Also paypal wont help, i contacted them 186 days after my original purchase, their cut off is 180 days. they were sorry for the delay in replying to me but it was due to staffing levels and Covid, advised tham thats why i allowed longer for Havaianas to sort things out but no luck so far. UPDATE - Safilo have told me i have to go back to my optician as they don’t deal direct - now I’m getting really confused. Told them i bought from havaianas but have heard nothing back"

customer says

"As bad as it gets. Ordered a pair of flip flops mid june. Arrived and were too big so sent them back. Rang customer service today (30th july) to query lack of refund. Was told they had recieved the package on 1st July but no refund was issued, they dont know why and will tranfer my query to the billing department. Still no refund. Havaianas if you see this my order number is GB06152020-00356955 I hope i get my refund soon :("

Pat says

"The quality control in the company has gone badly downhill- DO NOT purchase anything from this company ! Take my word for it this company is over priced rubbish"

Stelios Kounou says

"I purchased multiple pairs of Havaianas and one pair arrived faulty. The straps are twisted and if I try to wear them they dig into the top part of my foot resulting in sever irritation. If i were to walk for 5 minutes or more they would eventually cut the skin. I contacted Havaianas via their online form and this is their response. "My colleagues from the quality department confirmed that your Havaianas are not considered defective, since the straps can be adjusted with your hands to adapt it to the natural form of the flip flop. The Havaianas are made out of rubber, which is a very flexible material that might lose the original form while on the box. On the other hand, this material is one of the things that makes Havaianas so comfortable! So here's a quick tip to fix this issue: just place your straps like the ones you can find in the attachment, then block them with a clip, a clothes peg or something similar. After a day in that position, your Havaianas will be confortable again! If you are in hurry, you can always use an hair dryer on the straps while they are in that position to speed up the process. If you have any kind of doubt please don't hesitate to ask. Have a nice day," It's certainly not my job to use a hairdryer to fix a badly produced flip flop and even though I tried, it hasn't worked and contradictory to your email, the rubber is very hard and cannot be remolded by me. I don't even want a refund, i simply want you to take back the faulty pair and replace them with a good pair."

L D C says

"DO NOT BUY FROM THIS WEBSITE Terrible customer service and if you get your size wrong they will not exchange as they don't want to pay for shipping again."

Reena says

"BEWARE!!! DO NOT BUY FROM THIS WEBSITE!!!!! I ordered 3 pairs. One pair is correct. The 2nd pair was faulty. They told me I could keep this and send me a refund although I have no idea when I will get this refund. The 3rd pair was sent in the wrong size. I clearly ordered size 35 and I received size 33. Website clearly shows size 35 is a UK 3. So this is what I ordered. They are claiming I ordered a European size 35!!! No where does it say I am ordering European size. I am from UK and have looked at the size chart according to my UK size. They continously lie that they have sent the correct size and refuse to send me a refund even though I have sent pictures of what they sent. I have made a claim through my credit card company. They will not be getting away with this. They are out to steal your money and they don't care. Please only buy with a credit card if you do order from this website so that your purchase is protected."

Giellen Medeiros says

"Purchased a product on a Thursday and paid extra $15 for 2nd day shipping. They only shipped it on Monday evening, and the item will only arrive on Wednesday. That s right. I paid $15 extra two day shipping for an item to arrive 6 days later. I was advised that I can return the product, however shipping is non refundable. They added that if I went to a different page than the checkout page (??????) it clearly states that the two day shipping does not include processing time! I understand the processing time I do NOT understand why that information is not included on checkout! Ridiculous."

Caroline Black says

"Terrible customer service. It took them a week to dispatch my order when it’s apparently takes 48 hours. I pointed this out to them and received a snotty reply with incorrect dates and facts about my order. It has been 16 days and I am still waiting for my shoes. Last Email I had from them they were being delivered today but nothing. Useless customer service."

Jackie says

"Shocking customer service. Ordered 2 pairs of shoes online in size 38. Size 36 sent. No response to emails. Eventually got through on 'UK' landline - it was in Italy!! Was told to send a picture of the goods. So, I emailed a picture. Nothing. Emailed again. Have now read all these poor reviews, so am not holding out much hope of a response. NEVER SHOPPING WITH THEM AGAIN!!!!"

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